Mining Rework Problem - Help!

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With the mining/smithing rework, I had 2,000 portable forges in the Grand Exchange. When I took the 2,000 portable forges out of the Grand Exchange and clicked on them, they all converted into 2,000 Luminate Injectors whereby I lost roughly 100,000,000gp. I was told most people had portable forges converted into small skilling packs, but I did not get those. How come? Is this a glitch?

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Help! didn't know where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong place. trying to do legacy of seargaze quest and I cant smith the chain. don't know if the mining/smithing rework has had an effect on this. also noticed slight graphics bugs in elemental workshop IV when cooling the primed bars with water. Please help this message get to the right people to fix this issue. Only a few quests away from the quest point cape. thanks!

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