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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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The Ore Bag
- great idea.

The feel of Mining AFK vs attentive
- afk mining is awesome. Attentive mining should give only an xp boost and not ore boost. Glowing mining rocks should come at a slower pace.

The speed at which you collect ore
- speed is perfect for lower tier rocks. Higher tier rocks should take longer, considering rocks do not deplete. Also, the effectiveness of mining should not drop significantly after the first swing. Consider changing to 67% like smithing.

Non-competitive ore rocks
- The idea is great, but there are repercussions. Since rocks are available for everyone without depleting, the access to t90 ore is extremely free. There is only a limited number of armour/weapons and tools that we need to make from those rocks. This poses an issue where as I got 99 mining and smithing, there is no incentive for me to mine any lower tier rocks, or even come back to the higher tier in the future. This is the main problem for me, because as it stands right now, the rework will only affect people who go for mining exp, without providing beneficial rewards to go back to. The ores should deplete / be available as a D&D during a specific time of the day (2 min every hour) or have armours and weapons low durability.

- Ok.


The feel of Smithing AFK vs attentive
- Smithing feels horrible. Having to constantly look at the screen is annoying. The heat mechanic is messed up. Should only affect the exp rates and not the speed at which the items are made.

Smithing using supplies from the hopper
- Good idea. Link straight to bank

The speed at which you create equipment
- Too slow.

Upgrading your equipment
- Loving the idea, but instead of making the item stats better, give it perks instead.

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Decorating your equipment
- Great idea, but make decorated equipment stackable or noted.

Heating equipment as you smith it via the forge
- Horrible. I have a couple of issues: 1) The speed of making an item is slower if afk, but only xp should be affected. We don't need items coming slower into the game because of invention. 2) Will you be putting a forge near every anvil in RS? That would be quite a task to do in my opinion just to implement 1 mechanic which is not even that useful. I know you are going for realism, but it would make more sense when smelting rather than smithing at this point. I would suggest that bars are smelted 2xfaster if attentive, and at normal speed when afk. Then you can remove the mechanic of the forge from actually smithing items. This will save you time putting a forge in every RS location and would make smelting profitable and smithing afk + xp.

New tiers of Ore and Metals
- Needs to be rethought in line with current rewards from skills / bosses. For example, one can get 90 attack fairly easy, rendering T70, T80, T85 weapons kind of useless. If those ores and metals are a substitute to the rewards from dungeoneering, rewards from barrows, rewards from GWD2/1, then what is the point in doing those anyway? If they are also tradable, then there will not be a point in buying them to be honest. There should be a caveat in using smithed items (lower hp, breaking chance like cannon, no repairability). But those caveats should also not make the items useless. So adding perks with +1,2,3,4,5 can make them stronger at a cost of a caveat. E.g. +5 pick is +10% faster mining speed +10% mining fatigue.

Overall I like the new methods. Please consider carefully the time items are coming into the game in light of invention disassembling and monster drops (maybe make smithed items give more components). Also consider how strength boost affects skillers.

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