TLDR - Feb 2019 Month Ahead

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War tortoise

War tortoise

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I like cheesecake so yay

>Shadow Reef

wait they said 3 new pets? i knew about the black stone dragon didn't realize there'd be more than 2 though.

>quest improvements

thought in the last live stream they said the ETA was the same day as chef quest, and thats a great idea to put a quest and some filers ect in the same update, plus the quest is f2p so everybody can use the new quest stuff

>shadow gem
okay the shadow gem promo has me worryed with the deathtouch darts on it... the cosmeitcs look to maybe be recolored crystal weapons and stuff... also sizable cash? boys expect a 500000k price increase on everything now /s

talk about cosmetic overload this month, but boneyard already has 2 pets why give us a 3rd? or at least include the bear graphical rework you apparently have to go with this, and I would of loved to see the outfit early... guess I gotta wait.

for some reason when they mentioned cosmetics in the vid I was expecting the wyvrn cape and the drake pets from SGS, I already forgot what month those are coming out :(

but besides the dumb shadow gem having darts(and maybe too much cash?), month looks good tbh
Lost Woods numba 1, (NOT EE, Those scrubs are liars ;p)

*~War Tortoise

01-Feb-2019 19:43:29

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