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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Nerd Famous said:
I am not so sure the cape is what needs fixing. For many players bossing is the thing preventing them from comp, and more specifically group bosses are an issue. People say get good and learn the boss like everyone else. Well, when its a solo boss you can do so at your leisure, but when you need a group who is willing to learn with you consistently enough to get good an issue arises.

Rather than fixing the cape. I would like to see Jagex fix the problems that make getting the cape hard. Sure a boss should be hard and take skill to beat, but it shouldn't be so hard to get a group to fight the boss to begin with. they need to create some form of matchmaking for group bosses i.e. like pest control, soul wars, barbarian assault, etc.
They also need to make it so death of a learner does not impair the whole kill (look at dungeoneering). ED is a step in the right direction. The difficulty doesn't scale to the group size, so a death of 1 will not mean a death for all.

But in the mean time, since they will unlikely implement any changes to their "ULTRA" difficult bosses, its best to just remove group content from the cape entirely and substitute it with more solo requirements. At the same time, rng or time locked (or semi locked like arc) should also be replaced. Its about completing something new, rather than waiting for rng gods to bless you with that trio mission or waiting a week until a group or raiders that you can join forms.

07-Feb-2019 22:23:00

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