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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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No to 120 summoning and no to relocation of the max guild.

90% of the ideas proposed are not useful, or that I would like to see in the game at all.

Shop rework and elite slayer mobs is probably the only two that make sense. What happened to the annual survey? Was this all that came out of it? You still didn't understand that we dont want 120 skills. You still didn't understand that we want "new" content as opposed to constant reworks. At least you understood that we are not happy with the combat system. But the way you are proposing of fixing it, is just the same way it operates right now. What is even the point in wasting resources for no impact on the game?

"Combat counsel" (what a weird name) should get on to making more abilities. Its been years since eoc release, and we still have the same exact basics and thresholds (not counting those that require a purchase).

Defence on the armour should make sense, and not be ignored by bosses, this is the issue. I dont understand how I go to fight araxor with protect from mage prayer, and still get hit a whole ton through it? Even in ranged armour.

Accuracy is also an issue. But in the opposite direction. At 99 attack with t90 weps you got 100% accuracy almost everywhere. I get it that this is how it is supposed to work with high level equipment. But, if you never miss, the only attribute that counts is damage output. Meaning, that new weapons will always surpass old ones. This is where the old system was brilliant. You would have chaotic maul, which was slow but high damage, and you also had rapiers, which were quick and accurate. Both had their niches. The only difference we have right now in weapons is whether I should use 2h or DW.

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