† Completionist Cape rework †

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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NathanC said:
Smasherley said:
As I say you remove comp cape and what is the best in slot... Max cape

Actually I think you'll find that's the tokhaar cape?
Max has 26 style bonus whereas tokharr has 31, they both have 44 armour, and max has 5 prayer whereas tokharr has 2.
I guess Max has access to skillcape perks, which is semi useful for sign of life or invention charge drain reduction? But I'd still take a tokharr cape over it for the +5 style bonus, not as if I'm gonna hybrid anywhere either.
Invention cape saves you barely any charges. Strength cape perk is extremely useful though.

But the point is that if they remove comp cape, the next best cape will take up its slot. So the cape should not be removed, but requirement be reassessed in order to make them more viable for actual completion. Removing reaper and group requirements won’t hurt any of us who have a comp cape already, and will benefit those that are striving to get one. Win win situation if you ask me. What they are proposing right now is just splitting comp and trim comp into three capes. As soon as they start releasing new benefits for t2 or t3, which are likely locked behind content we are asking to be removed, we are going to have the exact same problem on our hands as today.

27-Mar-2019 00:03:38

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