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UPDATE: In response to feedback we have added some answers to your frequent questions. Click here to view the post.

Hey everyone,

We recently released a news post asking for your thoughts and ideas about master skillcape perks, including reworking some of the weaker 99 ones. Your responses have been fantastic and very useful in helping us to decide the direction of the project, so thank you.

There was a considerable amount of comments regarding adding perks to the virtual 120 skills and how that moves the goalpost to 120, rather than 99. Whilst we were very careful in designing how these virtual cape perks would function, we have had a chance to reflect on the situation and have decided not to pursue virtual skillcape perks for now. By doing this, the capes remain cosmetic only, and Team Eclipse can move onto another project much sooner, meaning even more content for you to get stuck into.

Remember though, this is only for the virtual skillcapes at level 120, meaning that Invention, Dungeoneering and Slayer will all be receiving new perks on their 120 skillcape, which will work in conjunction with the 99 skillcape perk of the same skill. The master quest cape is also going to get itself a shiny new perk too! Don’t want to wait to find out what these perks might be? Well, you’re in luck! Listed below are the likely perks for the above-mentioned capes, please feel free to give us your feedback on them.

• Dungeoneering – Has a chance to allow you to choose the boss you face in Dameonheim and increases the chance of receiving lore drops
• Invention – Increases the chance of receiving components when disassembling items
• Slayer – A chance that you can choose your next task from Slayer Masters
• Master Quest Cape – Teleports to a selection of locations including the Champions’, Heroes’ and Legends’ Guild, the Wise Old Man’s house and Tears of Guthix
So, what about existing 99 perks?

After looking at our internal data, and listening to you, we have devised a list of existing skillcape perks that look like they could do with a little bit of TLC. Again, we have listed below which capes we feel need some attention and what our plans are for the new perk:

• Agility – No longer fail obstacles
• Construction – A chance to save planks while building in your player-owned house
• Crafting – A chance to cut all gems in your inventory at once
• Divination – All wisps will last a fixed amount of time
• Firemaking – Fire spirits give better rewards and the cape acts as a light source
• Fletching – Has a chance to make extra bolts and arrows
• Hunter – Increased range for traps
• Thieving – All pickpocketed drops are noted

And that’s not all. We also have some quality of life fixes in mind that we would like to get out at the same time as these perks, so watch this space!

Want to get involved?

We are looking for feedback on the suggested perks listed above, so please let us know your thoughts.

Team Eclipse
Mod Daze and Mod Erator

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Mod Daze

Mod Daze

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Thanks for all your feedback so far, it’s been brilliant to read all your opinions on the new perks. I wanted to spend a bit of time answering some of the frequent questions that have come up.

Several people have questioned where this will be useful and rightly so, our current use of obstacles has been limited especially in places like the Hefin course. While there are some places it can be used, this is something we want to make more use of in the future – we can make more obstacles with a fail chance and future high-level courses can also be designed with this perk in mind, such as the high-level Brimhaven Agility Arena we have mentioned previously. This means while this perk may feel weaker on release, it will grow in value over time.

Although not previously mentioned, several players have asked for this to work in combat. We are happy to accommodate this and will make the change.

While our data suggests crafting is one of the least used capes, there has been a large response in favour of the current perk. As such we will keep it alongside the newly suggested gem cutting perk.

This perk will work by giving each wisp a fixed spawn time. Rewards like the ‘Ethereal Connection’ from Memorial to Guthix will extend the wisp duration on top of this fixed amount.

A frequent question has been does this mean we’ll be able to take the cape into Dungeoneering. Yes, you will.

There were some questions of what the improved rewards will be – while we haven’t completed the balancing yet it will likely result in low-value drops being less frequent or the amount received increasing.

Though there were a few mentions of the current perk being useful, it is actually one of the last used with only around 60 people using it a day.

This perk is considered weak because of not being able to stack the effect with the first-age outfit. As part of our quality of life fixes, we will allow the skillcape to inherit the XP buff if you have the first-age cape unlocked.

In a similar vein, we will allow the Thieving skillcape to stack with the Ardougne cape.

A considerable number of you have expressed an opinion that you are not happy with the 120 Slayer perk – as such, we propose a change to the following:
• A chance that you can choose your next task from Slayer Masters
Like Reaper’s Choice this will allow you to select the task you would most like to do, from the tasks available from that Slayer Master.

Master Quest Cape
There were several mentions of the teleports listed not being particularly useful. These were a few examples of what we could include however we would be interested in hearing more suggestions for areas that you’d like teleports to that have a link to the master quest cape (i.e. they should be areas with a strong lore connection).

Additional Information
• 120 perks will work alongside the 99 perk – you will need to use the master cape on your max/comp cape to add this additional effect if you currently have the 99 perk (adding the 120 cape will automatically add the 99 perk as well)
• You may have noticed a lack of Mining and Smithing perk changes – due to the rework if we decide to update them, they will be reworked as part of that project.

Hopefully that answers some of your questions, but please keep the feedback coming.

Team Eclipse
Mod Daze & Mod Erator

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