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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Elite skills need to give those perks 100% and not a chance. Its nowhere overpowered. Getting the skill to 120 take considerable amount of time, especially slayer and dungeoneering. If you are going to put the perks on 120 capes make them useful. It makes no sense that I have free teleport to all slayer masters and dungeons for free at 99, and only a chance to choose a boss or a slayer assignment. It only makes sense for invention, where there is already a chance mechanic in place.

So the perks should look as follows:

Dungeoneering – Choose a boss you face in Daemonheim
Slayer – Acts as a VIP ticket when choosing assignments
Invention – Increases the chance of receiving components when disassembling items

If you are very stingy about it you can put a limit on the use of perk a day. Say 5 tasks for slayer and 5 floors for dung.

Also rethink the amount of capes you can store in max / comp. Comp should offer an additional cape slot in my opinion.

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