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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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So a cape that takes a day to get should definitely be better stat wise than the one that takes years /s

120 max cape is a horrid idea, especially with benefits over regular max cape. 120 are virtual skills for those players who like to torture themselves or buy spins.

This doesn’t solve the main problem at all. Reaper is the main problem and group content. It’s better to just remove it from regular comp and supplement for more solo requirements.

06-Apr-2019 12:43:58

Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Rikornak said:
Cute Brat said:
Steelweaver said:
The plans right now are to split “comp” into a series of tiered capes focusing in Exploration, Lore, Skilling, and Combat (IIRC) with the combat cape being the one with stats.

This is such crap all capes of equal tiers should have stats I dont want to have to do a combat cape that im not interested in at all just so I can have a cape with stats to do slayer. Instead of screwing over the capes we've worked years for leave then as they are and go mess up the new capes. 120 is virtual for a reason an all 120 cape is a load of bs, no one except try hard wanna bes wants it. Start to cater to the majority of your game instead of pvm'ers and 120 chasers and you might actually get some new players.

Skilling and Quest capes will have different benefits. But basically - why are you interested in combat bonuses if you're not interested in fighting?
Because slayer is a skill but fighting group bosses isn’t. You may want to kill creatures but not insane difficulty bosses that are not even profitable unless you spend a week there.

07-Apr-2019 11:54:35

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