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Welcome to first thread of Anachronia Island Items :-

The purpose of this thread is to keep track of the following Anachronia Items


Double Surge Codex (Please Refer to Codex Item Status Click Here)
Double Escape Codex (Please Refer to Codex Item Status Click Here)

Weapons & Armours:

Terrasaur Maul
Volcanic Fragments
Tribal Fin
Superior Long Bone
Laceration Boots
Blast Diffusion Boots
Upgraded Bone Blowpipe
Blowpipe Chitin
Blowpipe Feather
Blowpipe Fins
Bone Blowpipe

Prices will be obtained from various player by their posts and chats, as well as trades posted on this thread. Everyone is encouraged to report their transactions to help keep the community informed of current prices. Keep in mind that listed prices simply reflect the most recent reported transactions, and do not necessarily reflect the current values of the items.


inB = insta-Buy
inS = insta-Sell
niB = non-instant Buy (rounded down to nearest million)
niS = non-instant Sell (rounded up to nearest million)

Many thanks to all who contribute, and I hope that you all find this thread helpful!

P.S - Always check the last page of the thread for the most recent prices.

-H iman :)

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