Hazelmere's signet ring (i)

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Jeremy Cheng
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Jeremy Cheng

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Before you ask I'm not complaining about the teci cost I'm fine with it. So my question is, is it worth buying the ring to imbue it? I'm not wasting teci on imbuing a LOTD. Anyone with an imbued hsr got any feedback for this?

07-Dec-2018 18:42:45

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The rings gets +2 to all strength stats when you imbue it. So an imbued Hsr has the same stats as an imbued Asylum's surgeon ring, they're the same stat-wise with/without imbue.

If it's worth buying... that's something for you to decide. When you look at its function, Hsr is a small upgrade to Lotd because of better stats, additional teleport, and the unpredictable passive effect of doubling any drop. However, it also costs a lot and you're not going to see a return on this investment unless you farm AoD for a decade.

I bought my Hsr without any plans of ever selling it so of course I imbued it. I actually use that ring daily, so reason not to. Also, if I really was a wealthy player, say with a partyhat in my forum avatar, I wouldn't even ask these sort of questions, I mean, why still use a Lotd when Hsr exists, it just makes you look silly...
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07-Dec-2018 20:02:41

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lol @ all those ppl who imbued lotd

Only worth if u actually use the ring obv. I frequently use the additional tele and have gotten a double dhatchet once but that's about it. If u didnt already have the ring and are using it, not sure why u would go out of the way to buy one and imbue it.

This is just memes but I got a shadow dye the day after I imbued my hsr jus putting this out there.
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08-Dec-2018 00:46:08

Panda Dog
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Panda Dog

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I don't think it's worth it, I would definitely recommend imbueing ASR though

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