Hazelmere's signet ring (i)

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The rings gets +2 to all strength stats when you imbue it. So an imbued Hsr has the same stats as an imbued Asylum's surgeon ring, they're the same stat-wise with/without imbue.

If it's worth buying... that's something for you to decide. When you look at its function, Hsr is a small upgrade to Lotd because of better stats, additional teleport, and the unpredictable passive effect of doubling any drop. However, it also costs a lot and you're not going to see a return on this investment unless you farm AoD for a decade.

I bought my Hsr without any plans of ever selling it so of course I imbued it. I actually use that ring daily, so reason not to. Also, if I really was a wealthy player, say with a partyhat in my forum avatar, I wouldn't even ask these sort of questions, I mean, why still use a Lotd when Hsr exists, it just makes you look silly...
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