why r planks crashing

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Lack of demand:many players are getting finished with construction and dxpw is still quiet far away
Abundance of supply:With the somewhat recent (I think) update to invention where you can make super plank maker at lvl 117 you can make about 2k planks a day which will only cost you mahogany planks and the energy to run the machine.
Not sure how much energy it takes but it can not be that much,maybe 100-200 gp per plank. Then the logs are at 400 making it cost 500-600 per plank. This is where all the plank supply is coming from (together with monster drops) as making planks at sawmill is a loss at these prices. That I think is main reason for drop,which would suggest there is still some room to drop a little more.

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Because we are overdo for a complete construction overall . Poh's are not as useful as they used to be in rs3. Note that in osrs they are getting more useful all the time. Them adding more rooms and more teleports would probably bring demand for construction back up.

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