The 'Shadowy Egg' G.E price?

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Have had an offer in there and have really and truly been wanting a pet to match my char, but after days on end @ world 2, nothing has come to fruition.

DO you guys know why this item's so hard to come by? If so, is that because of it's rarity that it doesn't sell for well over 50M above max... Could somebody pretty please PM me in game or comment here to arrange a trade - you guys would be absolutely making my day :)

P.S - definitely happy to pay loads extra for your convenience! Cheers,


20-Jun-2019 04:54:02

ive quit bye
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ive quit bye

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i got one of these and ins sold it for 577m ge.

heres the vid of me getting it

this was 2 months ago so idk what prices are now but yer.

found the pic of the ge trade while writing this:

careful vids loud btw idk y was just music playing at the time

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