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Forgive the ignorance, but I just wanted to clear something up, and I couldn't find a similar thread.

Looking at the bonuses of both Tier 4 Luck rings, I noticed that there are some things included in the LotD's bonuses that aren't included in HSR's, such as:

-LotD gives an increased chance of finding Off-hand khopesh of the Kharidian in Shifting Tombs. HSR does not.

- LotD gives increased chances of getting Menaphite gift offerings and improving their loot. HSR does not.

-LotD grants removal of commonly unwanted rare drop table drops, such as flax, raw lobsters and molten glass. HSR does not.

I just wanted to check that this is, indeed, correct, and not an omission on the part of the writers of the wiki, and that using LotD, primarily during Shifting Tombs, is preferable.

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Not that it matters for most of us (who would buy HSR without first dropping 5b+ on more relevant gear and codices?).

I imagine it works one of two ways,

1. It is exactly as you described. These buffs were applied to LOTD, but HSR does not get them.

However, I suspect that it may work a different way.

2. HSR pulls its code from the same place as LOTD, but has better offensive stats and the chance to double a drop on top of LOTD buffs.

If it pulls code from the same place, so to speak, then the rings are identical, save the HSR unique buffs. If the code exists twice for the LOTD, and for the LOTD portion of HSR, then there is a chance (no comment on how high that chance is) that the developers did not duplicate these bonuses on the HSR end.

So, maybe? I dunno.

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