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Jagex, I dont see the point in re-releasing turkeys, other rares. This is rediculous.

I paid 38-40M for my turkies since I had 2 max stacks buying them for 36M ea (lowball) as a cash storage. Im glad i logged in after 40 hours to cancel the offers before they all filled....

I ended up dumping them 27-29m each 2 days ago.

My frined Weather boy4 has 3000 turkies, so why would you destory somones bank. Thousands of players have lost money on turkies, and I dont see the point in doing this.

Scythes could be next, the only item Jagex confirmed that wont be re-released are holly wreaths.

QUOTE MOD KRISTA """"The turkeys were items limited to Xmas, so we decided to bring them back for this Xmas themed event also.

We discussed as a team what was appropriate to bring back and what wasn't. For example we're not bringing the holly wreath back.
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