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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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H Rassy said:
If both players sell or buy for the same price it is not first come first serve,i am reasonably sure of this. At least I am 100% sure this was the case at one point in the past.
It seems that both players get some time to sell,alternating between the 2. For example:2 players sell at 180. First hour player 1 is selling,2nd hour player 2 is selling 3rd hour player 1 is selling. You can then increase your selling by spreading it out over more slots,as every slot gets same amount of time allocated. Same when buying. It works something like this though I am not sure about the details as in how much time every slot gets. It could be devided into parts of 5 minute or maybe even 1 hour.

Hmm you are right about the partyhats,that would indicate first come first served. Yet I am reasonably sure it works different with bulk items.

It works the same. You need to account for the possibility that someone can sell an order so large that it fills all preceding ones before you and you get items sold.

28-Sep-2018 11:31:31

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