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Welcome to the fifty-sixth complete discontinued item status thread!

The purpose of this thread is to keep track of the following discontinued item prices:

Masks - Halloween Masks,
Edibles - Easter Egg, Pumpkin, Disk of Returning, and Half Jug of Wine
Xmas - Christmas Scythe, Red Santa Hat, Wreath, Black Santa Hat
Party Hats and Christmas Cracker

Prices for these items will periodically be listed on this thread in the following format:

Masks: Green/Blue/Red H'Ween Masks
Edibles: Egg/Pumpkin/Disk/Wine
Xmas: Scythe/Red Santa Hat/Wreath/Black Santa Hat
Hats: Purple/Yellow/Green/Red/White/Blue

Prices will be obtained from various players and chats, as well as trades posted on this thread. Everyone is encouraged to report their transactions to help keep the community informed of current prices. Keep in mind that listed prices simply reflect the most recent reported transactions, and do not necessarily reflect the current values of the items.

Post 1: Introduction
Post 2: Jagex 2016 Statement
Post 3: Thread History

Many thanks to all who contribute, and I hope that you all find this thread helpful!

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