Help! Is this a bug?

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The story goes as follows:

1. I equip Ardent Mace and Bulwark of Revenge to kill greater demons in the Wilderness. The entire time, I am not skulled.

2. I click on the Worn Items tab to look at the Items Kept On Death. It promises me that if I die in the Wilderness, I will still keep those 2 items.

3. Below those are the other things that are always kept on death, which include some lamps and the Tainted Shard from the Halloween event.

4. A great demon kills me, and I wake up with only an Adamant 2H that I looted from the demon. The lamps and Tainted Shard are preserved (items always kept on death), but my Ardent Mace and Bulwark of Revenge are gone! Even if the Adamant 2H was considered more valuable, there was no reason for me to lose anything since I was only risking 3 items total (the two equipments and the looted 2H).

5. I decide to try again to get to the bottom of this. Wearing my Aegis of Devotion, along with a rune battleaxe, I head off to the Wilderness, but not before confirming with the Items Kept On Death screen that if I were to die, I would keep the Aegis of Devotion and rune battleaxe.

6. This time I died on purpose, and sure enough, my Aegis of Devotion is gone, but I held onto my rune battleaxe and the items always kept on death.

Can anyone tell me why in the world I lost those items? Now I have to pay a fee to get it back from Diango (not much, but still very annoying since the Items Kept On Death screen promised me that I would keep them). :@

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I posted in this section because I was wondering if those items that I lost are somehow unique and do not follow the regular rules, so I figured "Item Discussion" would be an appropriate place. If there is a better place to make this post, please direct me to it.

Regarding your comment about items kept on death, I do believe you're mistaken. I specifically used the "What if I entered the wilderness?" option in the interface, and it showed that I would keep 3 items + the automatically kept ones (lamps + tainted shard). It has always been this way in the past, and even if there had been changes that I'm unaware of, the interface clearly is contradictory to reality and needs to be updated.

Do you know whom I could contact about this issue?

21-Oct-2018 02:00:56

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