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hi i have a pure account decided to focus on it before making a main since my last main was banned but i stop playing for few month and now that i come back i guess there was an updated or it was a glitch before but i used to go to Blue Dragons and wear my anti fire shield today i went to put it on and it did not let me. is there anyway Runescape can help (Pure's) able to wear anti fire shield. even if im pure i do other levels like slayer and make money selling D. Bones but i do not want to level my DEF. or focus on a main account when i rarely have time on my pure please suggest something. help. help me mod ive appeal an old account. i really have bad memory cant remeber my pass. so i got denied but the email i was using for it got hacked but i have a diff email for my personal info. example purchases with C.C and i have my prove there. with membership with you guys

20-Feb-2019 03:58:33

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