where has my sigil gone

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tophurious i play most days in a week lol

Don't have time to be reading patch notes every week i shouldnt have 2 read them everyweek 2 make sure that i don't get scammed by jagex

anyone know if they will do a refund??

Also lmaoooo that name rots only <3

20-Aug-2019 21:44:02

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J R Kerr
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Tophurious said:
make time to check the news
pray tell subgenii which he was supposed to have watched, in order, the twitch stream, the twitter post, the reddit post, the second twitch stream, the myspace status update, the unnotifiably updated reddit post second, reddit post third edit, or the final twitch stream? was he supposed to do all of those and not just look at the top of recent updates at rsof? did they say there? oh. gee. maybe it was
like some of the other updates done, done, undone, redone, and done again by Jagex that they said they did and later found to be too confusing.

or did you hope to get a fake customer service crown being the guy who always says "cmon guys coach is right" when you really wish you could be captain, but just arent very good at any position.

the original post is a good question, and it does discuss items. I could cite the reddit post again, or you could, but in short... the sigils are now refunded in half to each player, and they have to buy all the same stuff to make them to continue owning them.

like limitless sigil... now is a thousand sparks in your bank, so if you liked it then you have to spend another 128 m for another thousand sparks right now while ppl are panick selling, and you got NO NOTICE that 128m would be demanded to continue using things you already owned. thats obviously good planning. pffft.
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21-Aug-2019 00:10:21

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