Godsword Shards Discontinued

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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"It's something that we need to keep reiterating every time this happens. Any accidental tradeable rare items will be fixed where possible, this is one of those cases and wasn't intended.

Please, please, **please** stop believing that you've struck the latest gold mine because items like these are never to be intended to remain tradeable rares."

Why did they need to have a discussion in a team for that, if their own policy is to fix these items as soon as they are identified? This only shows that they thought about leaving them in game for a bit, contrary to their own rules. Meaning that sometime in the future, they might actually not bother fixing it, hence why people will keep investing in these rares.

State your stance in the rules or on official forums, and do not deviate from it. Also, do not wait days to give a statement on twitter or reddit, for people who don't read the rules. As soon as you see a new rare, make a statement that the item will be fixed. This will prevent this huge hype in the future.

07-Feb-2019 22:59:43

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