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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Collinear, every point you make is wishful thinking and is not verifiable. You are trying to discredit one side of the argument with an even more subjective line.

I’m more than certain you are not an active participant in the party hat economy so please stop making claim about something you don’t know.

30-Oct-2017 16:07:31

Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Collinear, again you are not stating any facts.

Point 1: How much did the dupe last and how many people knew about it? When you say very little, you are giving misleading information.

Point 2: How can you be certain nobody knows.

Point 3: Excessive number is how many? Very low in value to what criteria? Ratio is circulation is low, what inputs did you use to calculate this? Please give the figures for the historic supply values.

2008-2010 you were there and saw "tons" of phats in circulation, define "tons". Who are everyone that sold party hats for junk, and how many were there? Who are most everyone who wrote them off to oblivion, and how many?

Point 4: Please show proof that merchant clans feared individual investor? (I can straight up tell you this point is false, since any individual dump did not affect the overall strategy, hence why it was so effective). Who didn't follow the leader in merch clans, and how many? (Again, straight up false. If true, merch clans would not exist). Please state the number of "folks" who would sell at 9-20b as opposed to those who kept. If you are implying a direct relationship between supply and ease of trading, please state how you got to this conclusion.

Every sentence without failure is subjective. You talk about speculation, yet you give no new insight yourself. "Being" in the market of 2008-2010 does not mean you actually know how it operates.

Always fun to see people who think they "know" everything. Easy to say in hindsight, but harder to predict potential trends, which is what this thread is essentially about.

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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Nbodyproblem said:
@Tom, I would rather you attempt to prove me wrong rather than simply begging the question about my experience. If you have actual points maybe I could have something to respond to. I don't care if you say I'm lying about what I saw, because I know I'm not. I know what I experienced in 2008 about the phat hoard and buyout clans (stated many times in previous posts). Perhaps I made the mistake to say "Everyone" did this or whatever... but what I really meant was an overwhelming majority. We could argue semantics all day and lose the point but I'm not gonna play that game. This thread is about partyhats in 2020 which is by nature a subjective conversation. Everyone here is trying to "know" everything about a hypothetical situation in the future. Maybe you could share your thoughts on partyhats in 2020 and join the actual convo =)

Again, majority is based on what %?

The issue I have with your posts, is that they are one sided and clearly have an influencing agenda.

I don't speculate about the future, I use available information to understand the trend in the market. Some factors which you should consider in any further analysis is inflation, distribution of wealth, concentration of players, time to obtain, price fluctuations, investor profile, short - long term investment value. Essentially all parameters which you can actually calculate or derive. Concentrating on subjective factors such as number of rares in circulation / overall, investor mentality, rumours or intrinsic value to each player will not advance any position.

At the end of the day, I already made up my mind where rares are going to be in the next couple of years. But I'm tired of people advancing their views without any evidence, and stating it as fact.

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