How Low Can Partyhats Go?

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Tom Grey

Tom Grey

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boredmain321 said:
Deadeye said:
Overpriced and manipulated just like how they used to be back in the days behind fally world 2 wall same people buying and selling and people been even busted with fake BS buys and sells same old tricks new nerds in all honesty I dumped my blue when it hit around 20bill that I bought for a large 450m ages ago and will keep my red/purple that I never show off because really who cares at the end of the day it's a game if your sitting around in 1 spot all day trying to buy/sell the same thing it maybe time to get out and enjoy life reevaluate how much time wasted doing it each day

that's some truth you're speaking. some people need to remember this is just a dumb video game. it shouldn't be the most important thing in your life :/

I agree, you should re-evaluate the way you play. Its not like you can actually enjoy merching or making money.

02-Sep-2018 15:54:01

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