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So mining is one of my favorite skills to do and this time around i wanted to see how much coal i could mine, currently am sitting at over 14k coal. checking the price about a month ago was worth 2.6m and fluctuated from there to 2.7M. Currently it is at 2.2m and my question is if the price will ever go back up. know its sometimes hard to know that but just curious if like 3 months from now it'll be back up or just continue to plummet. Wondering if to sell now so i don't lose more profit or if i can continue to hang on and stack that coal :)
Thank You

27-Feb-2019 14:13:29

H Rassy

H Rassy

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67 each now,thats pretty low and it seems to turn up again. It used to be 50-75 ea back in the good old days.
The volume is dropping heavily,i don't think there will be much supply at this price but the demand is not particulary high either. I think in 3 months it will be higher then 67 ea.

27-Feb-2019 15:27:18

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