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So I've been high alching a bunch of things. It's really unfortunate with all the recent updates which have been great, we haven't come across this one. I am talking about a update that when selecting the alchemy spell, one would have the option to select up to 60 items, just like Invention, or creating potions as multiples would allow, or like smithing, making up to 60 ores at one sitting. The multiple clicking for one alchemy is very draining for a mouse that is wireless. For the love of the environment, please consider this change as I go through many batteries. Thanks for looking and considering this.

05-Mar-2019 03:06:17

Haven   Hell
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Haven   Hell

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I'm neither for nor against this update, just came to suggest if you use batteries in anything buy rechargeable batteries and a battery charger. It doesn't cost that much to begin with and saves a lot of money in the long run.
And it's also great for the environment!

05-Mar-2019 06:57:11

Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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Lots of money could be gained using high alchemy jn the past (before M&S rework) and might still be usable today. Making it easier to gain cash that's easy already seems a bit OP.
Plus, an Invention device actuall does it already.

Use a mouse with a cable, I think it uses less power.
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05-Mar-2019 11:50:44

Da Khajiiit

Da Khajiiit

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I would support this for the very reason of being able to be afk whilst doing something. high alching say 200 rune salvage pl8 takes forever and to have an option to make this a tad easier would be most enjoyed. Yea sure its boring to click over and over and look like a bot but think of how much easier getting money is.

Now what I don't like the option is the fact of how easy it would be to abuse and ruin the economy in terms of merc items.

30-Apr-2019 03:01:51

Kid Pepsi

Kid Pepsi

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Support, Why? This idea can prevent carpal tunnel from less repetitive clicking.
I do think you need more reasons in why this should be added other than "my mouse batteries blah blah".

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Kid Pepsi

Kid Pepsi

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Tenebri said:
You go through many batteries just for alching? Seems to be an issue with your mouse

But no support as stated on other threada of same topic.

first, you drank my Pepsi without my permission, now this?

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