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Hi guys!

Welcome to the new and shiny third refreshed
Team Needed - Kalphite King

The Kalphite King is here, and he's by far the toughest boss ever seen in RuneScape. He has a combat level of 230; three forms, each requiring different tactics; and an array of devastating attacks, including an ability that can one-hit kill anyone who doesn't avoid it!

The Kalphite King's too much to handle alone, so you'll need to bring friends. You can face him in groups of up to 20, and you'll need to have mastered the full breadth of EoC combat tactics to survive. You'll need to cycle tanks using threat-generating abilities, take careful note of the king and his minions' vulnerabilities, and co-ordinate your group to avoid deadly area-of-effect attacks.

With this in mind, you'll most likely want to face him in a group of friends, with whom you can practice and develop strategies. The Kalphite King's Chamber is instanced, and we've introduced a new grouping system for the area that lets you determine how and with whom you want to undertake this monumental combat feat. When you enter, you'll be asked whether you want to create a new instance or join another, and instances can be locked to a specified number of players; to a minimum combat level; and to those with a pass code of your choice. It's also possible to determine the spawn rate of the king within your instance.


If you are looking for a team we ask that you don't post more than
once every ten minutes
, this is to avoid spamming the thread unnecessarily.

Spamming the thread with duplicate posts serves no useful purpose, is unfair on other players, and is likely to result in the removal of your posting abilities.

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