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Bonds Live Stream

Following Mod MMG's announcement of the release of RuneScape Bonds, we're sure many of you have questions. As such, we're running a live stream Q&A session tonight to cover anything that you'd like to ask.

From 8pm BST on Wednesday the 25th of September, Mod MMG, Mod Pips and Mod Jacmob will be in the office answering your questions. Whether it's a question about how Bonds work, why we've added them to the game, or how they work against gold farming and real-world trading, they'll be here to answer you personally.

The live stream will be held on our channel.

We're looking forward to hearing from you. Discuss this below and start thinking about your questions!

The RuneScape Team

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Spring God

Spring God

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Not even my mother will stop me from watching this! I can only be online for a short time, so I really hope I can learn a lot from the LS, as well as give useful feedback.

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The Poet

The Poet

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The GE is a great mechanism to integrate the bonds however 2007 has no such mechanism what about the 2007 players? :( 90th RS3 Trimmed Completionist
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25-Sep-2013 17:21:51

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