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Garryg2000 said:
Has another list like this been done?

I need to look up two of my old characters beginning with N

Mod Lyon said:
The ability to change names is at the discretion of Customer Support and others within Jagex about whether they feel one is justified. There are no plans to do another.
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08-Dec-2018 15:39:08

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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Just in case, we will double check the status of the character name release event and update the community before locking this thread if this is something that Jagex no longer do.

08-Dec-2018 17:40:06

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I want the name Antisocial released from the Hardcore ironman that has it because as soon as I gave him the name he quit and I haven't seen him since (if Im right their previous name was Senkah but that was a very long time ago and the account that had it is now called J A K)

(Sorry for bumping this thread I just thought this should be known while I remembered / the thread came up again) O_o
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