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Mod Kalaya said:

With this promotion we have new pets and new weapons to be uncovered! Start digging with your keys in Treasure Hunter to take part in this promotion and dig up fantastic new prizes!

The unique prizes look cool, but it's a shame that they're on TH, when they look like they'd belong in Solomon's store instead.

Mod Kalaya said:
Smashing Relics

The smashing relics return with their xp drops and rare antique items hidden in any one of them. and will be updated with new antique items from the old days. Any special requests on what you'd like to see in them? Let us know, and we'll see what we can do (no promises)!

Hopefully you truly mean no promises, since bringing back stuff that is supposed to be discontinued is simply disingenuous. How about this: instead of forcing yourselves to push out a promotion to be running every single day, why not do something like the boneyard promo and have the filler cut out? By having less promos in quantity, but higher in quality, they'll actually be interesting and special. Having something going all the time is not exciting, it's exhausting.


Skipping past the filler promos.

Mod Kalaya said:
Pre-Paid Card Outfit

Looking pretty good.

Mod Kalaya said:
Telekentic Skill overrides

If the others are just as unique as the sneak peak, looks like one of the better additions to animations. > )
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18-Jun-2018 15:37:10

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