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Question 1: Statement when?


better suited for solomon.

smashing relics:


lamp crates:

another OP promo? shocking.

summer sizzler:

another OP promo that starts where it left off last time? shocking.

pre-paid card outfit:

Who remembers when premier club members got all pre-paid items automatically?

I 'member.

skill overrides:

I imagine this will be on solomon for a change?

double keys:

bloody hell. just.. what the.. bloody hell..


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Mod Kalaya said:
Sebastiaan - We haven't forgotten regarding an update on what we're up to, it's still in the works :) Thanks for your feedback on the promotions, even though we disagree it's still good for us to hear your thoughts.

Premier Club members will be able to get the stormborne armour if they wish - you'll be given a fresh token and can claim the outfit if you wish. The token system is just a different way to award the new cosmetics we give away, whilst also allowing you to choose your favourites.


you mean screwing over premier club members like always? Making us 'choose' instead of just giving us the stuff we used to get for free. But it doesn't matter what I say anyway. Everytime I talk to any jmod about anything this 'team' does I get the nice generic response of 'we'll take it into consideration during our feedback sessions' AKA go screw yourself.

This includes the premier club tokens, giving out previous discontinued items and the blatant lies about exclusiveness for starters.

the update on mtx has been in the works for over 6 months, what do you actually do? this 'stuff'? bloody hell.

I have no idea what you could possible disagree on with anything I said.

the double keys thing is disgusting, OP and just shameful in every way. Also, it's a nice easy quick cash grab since you increased the price of bonds and runecoins.

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