J-mods forsaken official forum

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Mod Matthe repsonds on why J-mods are not issued laptops (doesn't answer my initial question) on page 7
3 months after creating this thread.

I've noticed in the past few months, J-mods no longer utilize the official Runescape Forums as a primary point of contact with the player base. They've all gone to Reddit.

It would be nice if the J-mods would spend EQUAL time on the official forums as they do on Reddit. I personally cannot stand the lay-out of Reddit, and I personally miss the presence of the J-mods on these forums.

More specifically the Ninja team, VIP forums, Future Content and Recent Updates.

If Reddit truly does provide better polling services and content sharing, then I guess this is a good place to start having that conversation about getting the official company forums on par with Reddit.
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I very much support more Jagex Moderators on the forums and feel it is a massive mistake not to communicate equally engaged across all platforms, including the forums, in an active and dedicated manner. It is especially striking for Old School RuneScape where the importance of the subreddit appears both unprecedented and unchallenged. However, not all players are on Reddit. Not all players are on Twitter. And, not all players are on the forums. Ultimately Jagex needs to prioritise and follow the biggest group(s) of players, but it is important to acknowledge that neglecting one channel will ultimately make it suffer and otherwise effectively drain its overall activity.

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15-Mar-2017 22:27:43

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Part of it is they are too lazy to setup the right method. They can't (unless this has changed) post from outside work thus they default to social media where you're basically logged in 24/7 unlike here. I don't blame them, it's much easier to make a quick post on literally any site other than the forums. Jmod post spam alone is not enough either, we need an influx of money and development to the forums along with positive engagement.

If they could at least post outside of work, they could link a news thread in a tweet rather than saying the news in the tweet itself. This would also be better so the threads can be archived like when they say OFFICIAL RULE UPDATES/CONFIRMATIONS OF GAME DATA on twitter and no where else. There are wiki references to their old tweets that are defunct/broken links because the tweet is gone. This is not forum specific though, it's just poor communication in general.

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I totally agree. Reddit is a fansite and it should be a fansite. A fansite doesn't deserve that much attention by JMods or they need to spend equal time on every fansite forums. Tip.It and Zybez would also deserve to have JMods posts.

Also, Reddit is violating most guidelines. They use FMod and PMod Icons for their OWN ranks. They had RWT Ads in the past and no one cared. They allowing character assassination. They don't care about harassment. And a non-transparent moderation controlled by some randoms - what if their get crazy? What will Jagex do?

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I would actually argue that the amount of time spent on each platform should not be equal. Reddit's position in relation to other online platforms is one that I think is unfortunately misunderstood.

RuneScape can be found on just about every major platform under the sun, but people are probably most familiar with Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Twitter and Facebook are both examples of "owned media." In other words, Jagex is in control of its social media pages and profiles.

The RuneScape website (and by extension, the forums) is also owned media. A brand's website is at the core of its online existence. Social media will always reach the most people, and it's important to take advantage of that, but the power of social media can be leveraged in order to lead people toward a brand's core platform - its website.

On the other hand, Reddit (more specifically, r/RuneScape and r/2007Scape) is not owned media. Both subreddits are fansite forum boards, and Jagex has no control over them.

RuneScape doesn't have an official brand presence on Reddit, and a player-run site shouldn't be used as such under any circumstances, in my opinion. This would be completely different, however, if RS and OSRS subreddits were instead created and managed by Jagex, because then they would be owned media.

Just my two cents, anyway. :)

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