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Mod Daze

Mod Daze

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Hi guys,

I’m Mod Daze – the developer of Dragon Keepsakes Boxes for Weapons.

I’ve noticed a number of you are having problems adding certain items to the Dragon Keepsake Box. I want to apologise for the inconvenience and if you do come across any items that cannot be added to the Keepsake Box, please let me know in this thread.

I will continue to monitor this thread and look at getting all possible items added in a future update.


Mod Daze


Edit: It seems some players aren't sure what weapons to equip to show certain overrides. This won't give you a complete list as there are several unique type items but these are the categories and how they are grouped together. For example, if you have a rune sword in your keepsake box and equip a bronze dagger, the rune sword will show.

Main Hand
Dagger/Short sword/Hasta
2h sword
Throwing knives/darts
Throwing axes
Chinchompas (only override other chinchompas)

Daggers/Short swords
Throwing knives/darts
Throwing axes

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Grand Dragon

Grand Dragon

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please allow us to take keepsake keys into the
crucible minigame TUTORIAL
to allow us to keepsake: obliteration, decimation and annihalation.
make sure we are able to use the key inside the tutorial arena as currently you can only keepsake items in a safe environment like a bank.

other than that i will keep this post updated with weapons not yet added to the weapon keepsake box:

Items mentioned that can not be keepsaked: (not all confirmed to not work)

chaotic weapons,
dominion tower maul,
all starfury weapons,
all dominion weapons (staff crossbow and sword),
Christmas wand, (currently has melee weapon characteristics, make it a wand)
slayer tower bow,
wizards tower staff,
hexhunter bow (can not confirm if working or not)
golden scythe,
karil's crossbow (can not confirm other barrows items but seems likely)
coral crossbow
lunar staff
pitchfork of justice
pitchfork of vigilantism
sacred clay bow (can not confirm other sacred clan weapons but seems likely)
magic secateurs
magic butterfly net
silver sickle (b)
rat pole
flagstaff of festivities
giant hand
mouse toy
mud pie
fixed device
undead chicken
lit bug lantern
candy cane
magnifying glass
easter carrot

Items mentioned that (I myself) confirmed can be keepsaked:

ornate katana,
barrelchest anchor,
lightning staff,
shark fist gloves,
falador shields (tasks)
dungeoneering items (once again can not confirm hex but seems unlikely to be left out)
ceremonial swords

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Purple World

Purple World

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I keepsaked a mithril ceremonial sword (i) and it didn't override Korasi's sword nor Leafblade nor Chaotic Rapier. It did override Darklight but i'd rather fight with a Korasi's sword.

Not too sure how it works nor its limitations but it was logical to me that a main-hand melee sword would override another main-hand melee sword. Am I missing something here? :@

And I'd also like to be possible to have our overrides be shown while not equiping anything, sort of how everything else but sword and shield work.

Purple Life

29-May-2013 17:06:53

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I keepsaked my skull sceptre (magic) its a staff but staffs wont pick up the skin the new god banner (mele) do. Its a big issue for me atleast :@.

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cermonial sword is a slash weapon so does darkligh thats the common in the 2 but since theres only one spot it seems to be logical to overwrite one handed swords in general

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