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Thread moved to the Old School RuneScape General Forum, as the Off Topic Forum is for non-RuneScape related topics, and you seem to be playing the OSRS version.

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08-Oct-2019 01:16:25

Sir Incusus
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Sir Incusus

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Umm wow, are you sure?
I remember getting it within 2h after the quest.
Never herd of that before.
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08-Oct-2019 12:05:05

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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I recently encountered someone who was able to start the quest without the message. Some other guides also mentioned the same thing.

xRyud said:
Yesterday i finish doing underground pass, i talk to the king and just go to do something else waiting for the king's message to start regicide. I've waited +3hours and didnt received yet.
I read in reddit, that now i dont need to wait for the message, just need to keep doing the quest so i continue questing,

You might want to go straight to King Lathas and see if it works for you.

09-Oct-2019 11:19:14

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