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* Why didn't Tuska sink after crashing? Why have you decided to keep it as a huge eyesore near the desert? Any plans to let her go and leave a smaller memorial site behind?

* What are your thoughts on Signature Heroes? In hindsight, was it a right move to introduce a group of player-like NPC adventurers with intention of having them feature in many quests? What do you like about them, and what do you not like about them?

* Quests about the dragonkin and elder gods usually rank the highest in player surveys. Why do you think that is? Why isn't there similar interest in, say, Elemental Workshop or the Gnomes?

* Would you rather continue a 5th age quest series or start some new 6th age quests?

* Do you think the Goebie quest series (if we can call that a single small quest) has potential for the future? Would you like to continue it?
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