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1. One regarding Needle Skips. One thing that I enjoyed about the quest was how it fit into the world. There are references to sea trolls and the nearby gnomes, appearances by Hannibus and Thok (though as a very different characters), and a reference to the Elder Gods in the form of the pause word, Wenla. These are all references to other portions of the world that make sense within the quest, but attention is not called to them and you do not need to understand the references in order to play and enjoy the quest.

Is this the sort of storytelling you plan on doing more of, in lieu of quests with many requirements?

2. This is more of a meta question than a direct lore question, but still relevant to quests.

The Needle Skips was the first voiced quest in many years. Given the nature of how the quest works and the role dialogue plays, I can see why this was done.
So what exactly is the current policy on voicing quests? Is it done on a case-by-case basis? Does the quest need special justification/few characters for you to do it now? Or was this just a one off/rare thing and we should not expect more voiced quests in the future?

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