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Kings Abbot

Kings Abbot

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That's gambling for ya, you win some you lose some. Sometimes you lose it all.

The winner (Jagex) takes it all, the loser (players) standing small.
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04-Dec-2018 11:57:19

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I got 3 pinatas from TH not counting the freebies from the 1st day. Nothing really great came out of them but they still give me better than average prizes anyway.

Sometimes you win something great from TH, sometimes not quite so, but you always win something.

These people might not have won pinatas neither but perhaps 600 mil gp and even 2 billion gp prizes are way better prizes than anything that come of pinatas anyway:,367,639,65968139

The fun part of games of chance is the surprising factor. TH is like doing clue scrolls or getting boss drop. You can get great prizes and you can get... well, something better to be rerolled... but the surprise and fun is always there. :D

04-Dec-2018 19:02:14

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