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ok so hello and yes i hate TH now i spend like 30 mins on a survey that was going to apparently give me 15 keys... it turned out i was signing up to some elitematch dating site and it was full of pop ups with mostly naking ladys doing hand gestures and bouncing there racks.. when at the beginning it was like a shopping survey but then they wanted to know my sexuality and where i live, what i look like what size clothes i wear and how much i weigh i didnt actually fill in anything after they asked for weired stuff so my point is i just wasted a whole bunch of time to probbaly just get scammed or hassled on my mobile because they wanted that to and also want you to consent with ur full name you agress to them ringing you and texting you within 3 hours of registering.. and i wont see anything from it anyway because the very last step is them asking permission to hassle you on the phone and no ones stupid enough to sign that ..+ 10 mins writing this so all in all i wasted alot of time just trying to jump through these crazy hoops.
rant over

12-Aug-2019 06:49:28

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Just put fake information and hope you get th keys. Jagex encourages these scam sites.

Jagex partners with the companies that post the offers, that's all.
It's there to give people who really do not have a penny to spend on the game, a chance to earn themselves some keys through surveys and things other companies/websites would otherwise be paying a lot of money for. It's a win-win for users and these companies as I'm sure these keys value pales in comparison to what it would otherwise cost, but to claim Jagex encourages whatever the business of these sites would be? Where do you get this idea from?

The support section clearly states:
"We work with two partners (SuperRewards & PeanutLabs), each with their own unique offerwalls. If you need to contact one of the 3rd party support teams about an offer, make sure you select the correct team!"

So I suggest you do so if you have found an offer to cause you trouble.
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12-Aug-2019 12:45:19

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i have not done any in about 6 months.

And i dont believe i ever did for keys only runecoins but

I got over 24k keys across 4 accounts in about a 2 year time frame.

I never did any to give out my card info.. after all if i got to pay for
something i might as well pay for the stuff on RS site.

I only got peanut labs to pay out. When you put in your info the
first time ... like age, children etc then that has to be same on all
following surveys or you are automatically declined. then you have to
actually qualify.

I also had an email set up just for all the spam that was sent.

As i never did any for th keys i cant say if that is any diff than the runecoin
ones that i did in past.

I guess its up to each person to decide if its worth the chance or not.
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15-Aug-2019 18:19:17

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