Partyhats on Treasure Hunter!!

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Kalea Sprite said:
Kalea Sprite said:
Hailkingchef said:
People fail to realize the party hats are the only thing holding the economy together.
Unless you could explain how it "holds the economy together" your statment is not valid for a number of reasons:

1. Most people do not have partyhats, so if the price crashed, most people would not even notice. Thus, it doesn't hold the economy together in any manner simply because most people don't have one.

2. Partyhats are a cosmetic item, it does not help mine ores, it does not help chop trees, it does not help in combat, so it does not hold the economy together because it serves no function other than cosmetic ... Since it doesn't help anyone actually play the game, it doesn't have any significant impact on the economy.

3. Partyhats are made out of pixelated paper, it's a delicate object, it would have a difficult time holding a bunch of feathers together, nevermind the cannon ball market, and it would simply be crushed and sliced under the entire market of cannons, rune bars, scimitars and godswords :P

Increasing the supply of partyhats via Treasure Hunter would actually strengthen the economy by virtue of more people being able to party in the partyhat market ^_^

It's a triple win! Stronger economy, more partyhat parties and it helps Jagex hire more people t

I can explain how partyhats hold the economy together. Those cannonballs that you currently buy at 430gp, are priced relative to the amount of money changing hands on a daily basis. Partyhats are very expensive. Players hold wealth in ge / banks to ensure they have enough to buy one ether for flipping / merching / owning. Release more partyhats into the game and you will get that wealth redistributed. You might not mind cannonballs at 1k each if you make 10m an hour everywhere, but there are other who will suffer.

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