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Anyone else noticed the increase of rather liberal promotions? I mean we just had the Equinix and now it's rainbow one again. I do not have anything against women or gays, in fact I'm gay myself, but I'm just wondering do promos like this really sell? Last time I checked most unemployed people are SJWs. I'm confused like a gay man still alive in Iran.

29-Mar-2018 21:49:56

Jaekob Caed
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What one was a feminist-leaning promo? As for the rainbow one, I figure that if Jagex does that rather than forcing rainbow/LGBT stuff on us like some games I know of, keeping the whole 'pride' thing subtle, that's fine. If they start forcing it on us, I'll definitely be the first to voice my frustration.

My issue with these promos is that the rainbow one has been rereleased more times than I can count, while some of the better ones have never been released once or more than once. If they're going to rerelease promos, that's fine, but let's rerelease ones that haven't been rereleased before. Then again, it seems Jagex has been going on that trend lately: rehashing/rereleasing the same events and promos over and over and over again. It's not just lazy, it's downright annoying.
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