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Hello there! Should you happen to pop over to Treasure Hunter this weekend you’ll notice things are slightly different – that’s because between Thurs 11th October (00:00) and Monday 15th (23:59) it’s time for Loot Duels!

Instead of the usual 5 chests, players will be presented with only 2. This 50/50 conundrum brings with it the added benefit of a potentially better selection of chests from previous Treasure Hunter events, and the possibility of grabbing some particularly fantastic loot!

  • Adamant Chest - 2x Prizes

  • Rune Chest - 3x Prizes

  • Dragon Chest - 4x Prizes

  • God Chest - 5x Prizes

  • Protean Chest - Protean Prizes

  • Antique Chest - Old Treasure Hunter Prizes

  • Skilling Chest - Skilling Prizes

  • Experience Chest - XP Prizes

  • Rainbow Chest - 1x-7x Prizes

  • Smouldering Chest - Random sized lamp with a chance to win 2x

  • Bonus Chest - Allows you to see what’s inside

  • Genie’s Chest - Promotional Lamps

  • Normal Chest - Random Normal Prize

  • Note that both chests in the Duel will refresh when one is opened, and that neither will change until this has happened.

    Good luck everyone!
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    So TL;DR the trend of boring, random exp sellouts, as well as keeping some cosmetics hostage behind paid, heavily RNG lootboxes continues. Awesome (/s).

    If the goal of the RS3 team is to continue the decline of its playerbase and ruining the game's integrity, it has been successful with trash like TH. But instead of that, you could remove TH and focus on membership sales numbers, so that not only would the TH revenue be replaced with membership revenue, but the playerbase number and the game's integrity would improve as well.

    Just saying: there's only so much exp and so many times you can re-sell the same cosmetics, and the dolphins/whales buying into them are gonna quit eventually too if there aren't enough people around them to which they're able to show off their wealth. Might as well remove TH now and prevent more future damage. > )
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    Remove MTX promos selling xp!!!! Solomon store is fine dont sell us xp it ain't worth it anyway everyone hates it. it will kill runescape 3 !!!

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