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Just played for the first time in a few months and noticed the updates. when I first logged in, the chat box gave me a message saying all my rune armor and weapons were taken away and replaced with tokens. Only I was given no tokens unless I can't figure out where they were put. I don't see them in my bank account. Also, don't have them in my backpack or coin purse, as far as I can tell. Have others had this issue? and how can I get this corrected?

10-Apr-2019 02:33:59

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As your question is related to the Mining & Smithing Rework, rather than an issue with the website), it has been moved to the relevant Forum :)

It is my understanding that the tokens should be in your bank. Did you use the search feature for "token"?

From the Patch Notes for that update:
Mod Poerkie said:
All existing smithable gear of at least steel quality is replaced with tokens, which can then be used in the artisan's workshop to purchase your choice of either gear or salvage depending on whether you want to use it or alch it.

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