Idea: Lumite in Living Rocks

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Coal is not as useful as it used to be with the mining and smithing rework, and it is also easily accessible through Miscellania. Coal is also a lower level ore, so it is faster to obtain through mining coal deposits then Luminite is.

For the creation of a full masterwork armour set 1800 Luminite ore is needed for 600 adamantium bars, 600 rune bars and 600 elder rune bars, whereas only 1200 coal is needed for 600 steel bars, and 600 mithril bars. It would be nice if we were able to gather Luminite a bit quicker. so I am suggesting to replacing some or all of the Concentrated Coal Deposits in the Living Rock Caverns with Concentrated Luminite Deposits. The exact number of ore obtained with each complete mining progress bar would be of 2 or 3, or as balancing requirements, but having the ability to gather this resource faster would be appreciated by many, and it would help to revitalise the Living Rock Caverns.

I would like to hear more opinions on this, so please do so below.

14-Apr-2019 17:53:42

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