Freminnik Boots/Magic Golem

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Will the Freminnik Sea Boots 4 be made to work with the Magic Golem Outfit? (like the smelting gauntlets work with the blacksmith outfit) Or will the Magic Golem Outfit be given the Sea Boots 4 ability to enter the banite ore section of the Jazitzso Dungeon Mine? (like it already has the Varrock Armor ability)

Sometimes I forget to bring the Fremmy boots when I want some banite ore. Which made me wonder.
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14-Apr-2019 20:48:18

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I guess they just could make the effect passive (you also do no longer need to wear the daemonheim aura to enter the extended resource dungeons) - either via a mini task list (like new varrock) or just at all times.

Generally having to wear specific items to use shortcuts degrades them drastically.
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