How to get components now?

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There are certain (relatively) important components which previously were supplied via smithing, like Subtle components, which came from scimitars. Mass producing scimitars of any metal has become completely non viable now, and the scimitar shops do not sell sufficient quantity.

Salvage was supposed to be the "replacement" for those things, but there are two problems:

Salvage can't be mass-produced by smithers.

Salvage generally is either worth enough to alch or not worth enough to pick up.

These two factors mean that it is nearly impossible to get decent amounts of Salvage, aside from a few niche types that are available for some odd reason on the GE.

What can we do? I'm lost. It seems like a pretty bad situation for someone like me who wants to be able to amass Subtle components to make Tight Springs for my Spring Cleaner.

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One big thing to note is that the spring cleaner doesn't use springs when disassembling - if it's not worth picking up, set it to be auto-disassembled.

Some component types you can still get easily enough via things like common non-smithable arrow/bolt stacks. Subtle unfortunately lack viable sources beyond scimitars and bladed salvage

Scimitar has the shop restock rate issue of course, note that the white knight store stocks some scimitars as well though

In practice, bladed salvage is the only other viable option - there's plenty of things that drop tiny-medium bladed salvage that you can mass slaughter with auto-disassembly via the spring cleaner with no spring cost. Time consuming but cost effective and still a reasonable component rate in some cases. The scavenging perk can also give subtle components (among many others) while doing this as a bonus if you have it your gear - it does mean a charge cost of course, but the gp saving for free components generally outweighs that, especially for things that can be killed very fast, problem is you won't get many subtle components specifically from it - if any at all in a given session.

Bladed salvage can also be bought - as with all salvage types your best bet is adamant ones, particularly medium-huge (for bladed, ignore large - I don't think there's even any drop sources) ones, as they are some of the few types that are valuable enough for players to consider collecting them and are actually above alch value in the GE so don't normally get alched immediately. Rune typically just get alched, mith and under typically just get disassembled on the spot - automatically if using the spring cleaner - or left on the ground. You can sometimes buy lower metals, but not nearly as reliable as adamant (and even those get all bought up on the GE sometimes).

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