Patch Notes 17/12

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Draco Burnz said:
Immortalized said:
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Wearing a full ethereal Runecrafting outfit should now allow you to enter the Dagon'hai shortcut to the Chaos altar without needing an extra talisman, as intended.
yay, I reported this a couple months ago

Probably like loads of others.

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bring back the lumbridge pig pit

27-Dec-2018 19:11:45

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So 1st i could reset my jack of trades aura by the helion aura

2nd the premier club token took the place of the helion aura reset, but it could recharge twice, so I still got what I paid for.

3rd the premier club token no longer recharges the aura twice since today.

So in the end im back to square one? What is the deal here, am I missing something? Also my helion aura still says it can recharge an aura once a day but it no longer has an option to.

And the aura refresh tokens light up under the jack of trades aura, but I get the message that I cant use them on this aura.

I find it all very confusing now..

02-Jan-2019 20:30:20

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