Patch Notes - 14/01

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After this update, the skybox in high level Runespan seems to be spinning when using the Java client, using NXT this issue doesn't occur. It makes me feel dizzy.

As NXT performs poorly here and skybox is bugged in Java, I'm forced to avoid the Runespan and play different content while it is being fixed.

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It seems the ug has not been fixed about when ever I mine anything it not only logs me out but closes the page too? I have reported the bug day after the new rework came into effect but it is still doing it...can you shed any light on this issue please?

15-Jan-2019 21:28:17

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Stormourne said:
Kastael said:
What about those of us who's trimmed masterwork degraded, while on slayer tasks, before you fixed the augmenting issues? Can you at least give us a 99% and up free repair? I spent days making this armor, and now I will never use it as I cannot augment it.

I would wait, or you could repair it with another masterwork set then augment.

Yeah. Because everyone just has stacks of 200m lying around, harvested by hand from the tree gold pieces grow on.
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Am I the only one whose minimap icons change to the legacy set after switching from mobile to NXT? The mobile menu doesn't have a setting for "Miscellaneous | Legacy Map Icons", and it has them switched on by default. So whenever I go mobile, I see that crappy set in the minimap, and when I go back to NXT, I see it inherited from the mobile version (and yes, I updated the mobile app on Monday). So, each time, I have to reset the setting on NXT, only to see it come back again, when I'm back from the mobile.

A metaquestion is, why are these icons still in the game at all? They are barely readable and rather ugly. If you want to cater to people who want to use them for sentimental reasons, then why make them the default setting anywhere?

15-Jan-2019 21:52:46

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Scroll of Efficiency no longer triggers while repairing armours*

***; Same with the "core ore" designation for a spell (too selective magic), I'm against this too.

Players can, if they so wish, use an empty bucket to gather buckets of slime at the Pool of Slime underneath the Ectofunctus - however, players still do not require buckets to gather slime*

***; Say... waaaat? You've got to be kidding me? How what ehm. Lol, didn't know it didn't require buckets anymore.
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iron schaduw said:
why can't we make molton glass anymore ?

You can - you have to click on casting metals (i.e. gold bar) and then scroll all the way to the bottom. Not sure why it got stuck there, but it's still there! :)

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