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Anne Lauten

Anne Lauten

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Hello, this is Anne. This is a joint story, and Darknight, Tman, and I will be writing it. I shall being doing the beginning.

Without further ado, here you go!

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Anne Lauten

Anne Lauten

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Queen Imaia Lograsima of Varrock was sitting on her throne, looking thoughtful. “Is there any way possible that we can dispose of them?” she asked her Chief Adviser, Marlona.

“No, my Queen. I cannot see any way, shape, or form to rid ourselves of the dirty, louse-ridden, smelly, rotten, undignified, peasantlike, band.”

“Can you please not do that? I have a headache.”

“Yes, my Queen, I resolve to immediately banish, remove, or pluck from myself any attributes which may not be entirely pleasing to my Sovereign, Ruler, or Queen.”

“Can you please bring me Liritela?”

“Indeed, I shall take hither, convey, or bring Liritela to this room, place, or chamber.”

“Thank you.”

A few minutes later a woman entered. She wore a flowing blue dress, and was quite pretty with her soft brown hair and sparkling green eyes. In fact, she was the Queen’s best friend, and more or less charmer-in-chief for visitors from other kingdoms who needed impressing. “You wanted me?” she asked.

“Yes. I need somebody who doesn’t speak like a thesaurus all the time.” Imaia sighed. “Marlona is wonderful for some things, but whenever I talk to her it gives me a headache.”

“Ah well. So, what did you want me for?”

“The rebel group. You know, the one who thinks that their leader should be King? Even though his line wasn’t nearly as pure as mine, and he very possibly doesn’t have royal blood at all. So, I need to get rid of them before they get strong enough to take on our army, but I can’t because the people will revolt.”

“Why would the people revolt?”

“Because they’ll think that I’m just slaughtering a harmless group of people in cold blood for no reason. Even though there is a reason, they won’t think that there is.”

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Anne Lauten

Anne Lauten

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“I see your problem.” Liritela thought for a minute, then her face brightened. “You need to get them to attack first. All you have to do is get them to declare war, and then you have a reason to wipe them out.”

“How do we get them to attack?”

“Yes, that’s the difficulty. You’d have to send a person who would get close to the leader–oh, what’* his name? Talinar? Yes, Talinar Hamanta. Him. Well, that person would get close to him, and coax him into striking.”

“Who? I know that quite a few of the staff favour Talinar, so if we send them they’ll just tell him our plan and get rich from it. This information could be worth a lot, so even people loyal to me would most likely tell.”

“Mmm. One thing I know is, you must send girls or women. Men only trust men who are spectacular in battle, but men will trust women much more easily.”

“Good idea. Who to send though? As a matter of fact... well, no, I guess not...”


“I was thinking that I could maybe go. There wouldn’t be any danger, right? And even if there were, nobody would dare to harm the Queen. Plus I*m so tired of just sitting on a throne all day. I’m still youngish, right? But I don’t see how we could pull it.”

Liritela smiled. “It would be quite easy. Declare that you’re going away, visiting another kingdom or something. Then put Marlona in charge. She’d be perfect. She knows most things, how to run a kingdom, how to keep people happy, everything pretty much. The people like her because she used to be a peasant like themselves. That would work. Then, we take ten people or so, and go infiltrate Talinar<cen>'* ranks.”

“Won’t they think it suspicious if a bunch of women arrive at once?”

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Anne Lauten

Anne Lauten

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“No. Most women don’t go anywhere by themselves. They take a friend with them. Now, we can be a group who has wanted to join Talinar<cen>'* forces for a long time, but had to get more girls to be able to travel safely.”

“Perfect. This will be the first interesting thing I’ve done for years.” Imaia’s eyes twinkled. “Can you get enough women?”

“Yes. We can be ready tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”


The very next day, all was ready. Marlona had been given the throne, as the Queen had to go visit a nearby kingdom to discuss trade agreements. Liritela had gathered four women, making a party of six in all. The women were:

Shakana, a princess from a southern kingdom. She was beautiful and tall, with hazel eyes, jet black hair, and skin the colour of mahogany. She had come on account of war–her father didn’* want her killed, so he had sent her to Varrock for her safety.

Camde, a childhood friend of Liritela’s. She had brown hair with blue eyes, and usually looked like she was thinking hard.

Tribant, an older women who had nursed Imaia in childhood. She had been a trusted friend and adviser since then. Her white hair and soft wrinkles made her look fragile, but her mind was sharp as a tack.

Rirtara, a trained fighter who showed more promise as a knight than most of the castle boys, but who, as a girl, was often made fun of. She had an iron will, and was absolutely loyal to her Queen. She had blonde hair with blue eyes, and was a handsome person.

“Well,“ Imaia said to her band, “I suppose we’re ready.”

And off they went.

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