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Anne Lauten

Anne Lauten

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"I'm coming!" Teegan called, racing down the dusty, creaking, staircase, her jet black hair flowing in a waterfall down her back.

The first thing you noticed about her was her eyes, which were a golden amber, and seemed to look right through you. She was quite pretty really, but most people didn't notice; they were usually just staring at her eyes. She lived in Draynor, alone in the big house by the town square since her parents had died and her twin sister had moved to Falador to live with her boyfriend.

She didn't get very many callers, and she was wondering who it could possibly be. She pulled open the door.
"Taena?" she gasped in amazement, "Aren't you supposed to be in Falador with Brant?"

"Brant is dead," Taena whispered, tears running in rivulets down her white face. "I found him... Just lying there... I touched him... He was so cold.... It must have been an ice spell....." Her words trailed off into sobbing.

"Oh Taena," said Teegan, gazing at the stricken face of her sister, "oh my.... Come in.. Oh you poor thing."

They went inside, Taena taking a chair at the table by the old fireplace while Teegan set the kettle on for tea.

"Who could have done this?" asked Teegan gently, "and why? Somebody must have hated Brant a lot, but I can't think of any, he was so nice. Is there any that you know of? Does he have any enemies?"

Teegan sat down beside her sister, and they thought together for a long time, their black hair mingling on the rough wooden table, the silence only broken by the soft sound of Taena weeping, the crackle of the fireplace, and the creaking of the old house.

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Anne Lauten

Anne Lauten

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At last Taena looked up, her tears giving way to anger.

"Kerr!" she whispered, "it was him, I'm sure of it."

"Kerr your ex-fiance?" asked Teegan, "why would he kill Brant?"

"I never told you this," Taena said, her eyes fixed on her sister, "but Kerr was evil. When I first met him, he seemed really nice, helpful, fun to be with. Then he began acting a bit strange..... I asked him what was wrong but he said nothing was. I stuck with him for another week, and then I saw him torturing a cat... He had hung it up on a tree from its back legs, and he was just watching it, laughing. I broke it off right there; told him to get out of my life. I heard news of him sometimes, I heard that he had become a great mage and was rumored to be able to use the ice spells.

Then I met Brant. About three weeks after I met Brant, Kerr sent me a letter telling me that he would kill me and Brant as well. I didn't tell Brant though... I'm not sure why... I watched for any signs of Kerr for maybe two weeks. Nothing happened, so I stopped. Then I went out for about five minutes, and when I came back, Brant was dead."

"What did you go out for?"

"Milk and eggs, why?"

"I thought it might be a clue or something."

"No, it's not."

The teakettle whistled, and Teegan sprang up to get it. Taena was silent while Teegan poured the hot water into mugs, and dropped in the teabags. When the tea had steeped, Teegan added milk and sugar and sat back down, giving a mug to Taena as well.

"Where does Kerr live?" asked Teegan.

"Edgeville, last I heard. He said he'd lived there with his parents until they died." Taena's amber eyes started to glow with the beginnings of rage, "are you coming with me?"

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Name - Anar
Gender - Male
Age - 20
Race - Angel
Element:Lava and cosmic
Weapons - Double sided sword made of a orange material called magma stone. The sword has golden streaks-encryptions on it.
Appearence - White hood and robes, doesn't usually wear the hood. Black eyes and hair. Has a headband covering a dragon symbol on he's forehead. Has a amulet made of the same material as the sword with a chinese style dragon on the gem. Black eyes and hair.
Personality - Motor-mouthed, cooperative(well...kinda), funny and romantic.
Powers - Can lift things with telepathie, psychokinesis. Can mutter hexes which snaps necks or punctures lungs(doesn't always work, he's not some kind of unstoppable god.)

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