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i recently start taking a look into those magics beans but then when i used i was suprised when i could use 2 of them in a row on the same patch without any cooldown is there any cooldown on those or a maxium you can use of them per day or can you use as many as you have beans for? the ones i used are the woody and fruity ones iam realy wondering else its mayby beter to wait with using them till dxp
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13-Jul-2019 13:29:06

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The magic beans work during Double XP weekend. If you're after XP, it's suggested to use those beans on the Elder Tree patch in the Crwys district at Prifddinas during the Crwys Voice of Seren for maximum XP gains. Hard -> 3a Range Top (#357), 3a Full Helm (#439), Barrows Dye (#1755, #2546)
Elite -> Shadow Dye (#510), Barrows Dye (#680, #1567), 3a Druidic Staff (#969), Sack of Effigies (#972), Ice Dye (#1539)
Master -> Barrows Dye (#480)

13-Jul-2019 15:29:30

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